Tree Trimming

Upkeep your trees’ beauty and health with tree trimming and removal services and other work from our company in Denver, Colorado. From hazard pruning to pest control services, there’s nothing we can’t do to maintain the health and beauty of the trees on your property. Contact usfor a fair on-site estimate.

Tree Pruning, Trimming

A Hand-Shake Tree Service will prune your trees as if they are our own and according to International Society of Arboriculture standards. Our goal in trimming your trees is to have the highest positive impact on your trees while focusing on optimal foliage removal. We concentrate on proper reduction of foliage to prevent stressed or weakened trees, which attract disease and pests. With our proper collar cuts, we can enhance proper healing through compartmentalization and cambium growth.


Hazard Pruning, Trimming

We provide hazard pruning services for deadwood at least 3′ in diameter. We can eliminate broken and dangerous braches from your trees.

Standard Pruning, Trimming

Our standard pruning service includes deadwood at least 1′ in diameter thinning, crossing, and interfering branches growing into other branches, causing impeded proper growth for the next 3 years. Storm damage repair, suckers stubs, weakened or split branches are all removed for a healthier, better-looking tree. We raise your tree’s skirt by removing lower branches as necessary.

Canopy Pruning, Trimming

Our main focus for this service is thinning the crown or outer area of your tree in addition to the standard prune.

Before Trimming
After Trimming


Fine Pruning, Trimming

Our fine pruning service includes fine thinning, all dead or declining branches, crossing and interfering with healthier branches from your tree. These types of branches include stubs, suckers, and hazardous or broken branches. If needed, we can also raise your tree’s skirt.

Call us in Denver, Colorado, at 720-373-0707 for pruning and tree removal services that enhance the beauty of your foliage.

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