Tree Care Tips

A Hand-Shake Tree Service Should Be Your First Choice for Denver Tree Care

The way to spend less on your trees in a recession is to keep them protected against disease, pests, and other issues. Choose A Hand-Shake Tree Service for professional tree services done with high-production equipment and experienced crew members. Our local service employs only U.S. citizens that are licensed and insured by workers’ compensation and general liability through Burlington.
5 Areas to Address for Healthier Trees

  1.  Root & Soil Preservation—Apply 3″ of Mulch to surface of ground to extend the drip line of the tree
  2. Adequate Hydration—Use a Moisture Tester to Confirm the Roots are Hydrated
  3. Trim Trees Properly before They Decline—Remove Dead, Crossing, Interfering, Broken, & Stub Branches for Optimal Interior Sun Exposure & Photosynthesizing
  4. Remove Disease & Pests—Water, Trim, Fertilize, Spray,
  5. Provide Necessary Nutrients—Ample watering, Deep Root Fertilizing, or Surface Application

Tips on Choosing the Right Tree Service

Choose a company for a quality, longer lasting prune.  Try to choose a mid-sized, owner supervised business because of the lower fees based on lower overhead and fewer employees. Choose a company that does charge you for enough time to do a quality, longer-lasting prune. You always get what you pay for, and if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is.
Tree, Pest Control Services in Denver, CO

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We take the time to educate you for future care of your tree(s). Our recommendations help you keep trees healthy and free of pests and disease. Even before your trees begin to get healthy, you’ll be happy because of our friendly customer service and affordable rates.

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